MOLIQ Sugababe 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Golden syrup for sweet lovers! Creamy custard, topped with yogurt and blended with Blueberry & Raspberry fruit fresh notes.
MOLIQ 8 O'Clock 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Creamy, delicate and yet minty. What a great way to start a new day and not necessary at 8 in the morning! Smooth Belgian chocolate with natural fresh mint that leaves refreshing and sweet aftertaste.
MOLIQ Delight 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Mix of our exclusive RY-4 Tobacco, caramel, banana and hazelnut flavours plus just a pinch of our secret ingredient and there you have it - a true delight. Great opportunity for customers seeking for new taste inspirations.
MOLIQ Escape 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Escape from reality with citrus, strawberry, red fruit berries & well balanced liquorice & anise. All to make you feel blown away by the perfect combination of carefully selected flavours. Seat back, relax and enjoy... your escape.
MOLIQ Lambada 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. We don’t quite know how to dance lambada but we definitely feel the vibes. This lead us to create amazing complex liquid  so let's just mention banana, pineapple and our famous coconut all covered in a subtle scent of vanilla. Feel the tropics!
MOLIQ Lemonade Blush 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Blend of zingy lemonade, hint of lime & lemon together with touch of red fruits, with magnificent note of Raspberry. Subtle combination of tangy freshness and soft sweetness.
MOLIQ New York 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. New York a city that never sleeps and constantly looking for new adventures.  Our New York had to have a legendary American bubble gum flavour in it complemented with some of our finest fruits flavours. Which ones? This is for you to discover.
MOLIQ Strawberry 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Combination of 5 type of strawberries picked from different world locations. Combined all together made truly fresh, sweet and smooth Strawberry taste. Now you just need a cream and a champagne.
MOLIQ Bombastic 10ml 3mg 70VG/30PG. Bombastic, absolutely fantastic! Amazing combination of sweet & juicy watermelon, crispy in every bite with loving passion Strawberry, topped with sweetness.
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